How to order clivia seeds from us:

The easy step by step way of placing an order for Clivia seeds:

1. Click on the lists you would like to see under our page headings.
2. Select the seeds you would like to purchase.
3. Click on our seed order form and fill in your order and details.
4. Save the document on your computer and email it to us at or

1. Simply select the seeds you want to purchase.
2. Send us the list of the seeds via email at
3. We will confirm your order via email and there after send you an invoice.
4. Overseas customers will get a Pay Pal invoice as well.
5. Payment will confirm your order and secure your seeds.
6. Seeds will be shipped out in July.

Order Forms and Terms and conditions:

Utopia Clivias Seed Terms and Conditions of Sale 2019

Seed Order Form Local 2019

Seed Order Form International 2019




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